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Campbell County

If you ever have a chance to study the growth of cities you will notice that they tend to grow out in a certain area, mostly along a major road. For Lynchburg, the growth has been west along RT 221 where it has devoured Forest and is edging towards Goode, Cifax and the Town of Bedford. For many people in Campbell County their growth has been a personal blessing. This is because in Campbell County they are able to maintain a rural atmosphere. They do not have to build more schools or roads to the new subdivisions. They are able to have lower property taxes and maintain a high quality of life. In Campbell County farming has been a major way of life and currently over 40% of the residents maintain that lifestyle.


Three major developments are effecting Campbell County’s growth, Liberty University, The Lynchburg Regional Airport, and Leesville Lake.  Liberty University straddles the line dividing this county with Lynchburg. With the student growth more housing, commercial, and recreational growth is expected on county land. Across US 29 from the LU campus is The Lynchburg Regional Airport, where there has been talk of creating the Airport Industrial Park with Lynchburg. This new industrial park has great potential because it is at the crossroads of two major highways, US 29 that goes north-south and US 460 that goes east-west. Towards the southern boundary is Leesville Lake, Smith Mountain Lake’s sister. They are separated by Smith Mountain Dam. Leesville Lake has seen its recent growth due to high land and residential costs on Smith Mountain Lake and its first planned development,Runaway Bay. Steep banks found along its shores and fewer roads of access will minimize this lakes growth for the foreseeable future.


All communities have their established restaurants and cultural activities. Campbell County has two eateries that stand-out among the competition. The Colonial Restaurant is located on US 29 in Yellow Branch. Known for its home cooked meals, its desserts have killed many a South Beach dieter. Their pies will make you feel you are with your grandmother. Located in Rustburg, Jack’s Diner has grown from a small roadside shed to a not much larger restaurant. Locals, however, don’t come for its size. They come for the American hotdog, or Western hamburger. If you get there before lunch, they serve a country breakfast. Altavista has the most recognized festival within the metropolitan area, Uncle Billy's Day. This three day event is packed with food, crafts, and carnival activities.

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