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Site Selection

Determine Your Site Selection Needs

Most businesses choose a real estate location that maximizes customer exposure for a determined price. Additionally, there are several factors that need to be considered:

  • Brand Image – Is the location consistent with the image you want to maintain?
  • Competition – Are the businesses around you complementary or competing?
  • Zoning – Will the municipality allow me to do this?
  • Traffic – Do I have the volume of traffic to make my business work?
  • Access – Do I have a safe way to enter and exit with cars and trucks?
  • Demographics – is this a growing, stable, or in decline?
  • Safety – Will my clients and employees want to come here?
  • Expansion – If I need to grow, will this location still work?

Selling land for the development of two major Lynchburg, Virginia shopping centers, Walmart/ Sam’s and Candlers Station, and out-parcels for other Central Virginia commercial developments, Bill Burruss III  ALC® (Accredited Land Consultant®) has the site selection knowledge to work for you.



Tip of the Week

The best time to walk land is during the winter months when the leaves are off the trees, and the undegrowth has died.

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