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Appomattox County

The population density for Appomattox County is 41 people per square mile. If you wonder why I would start a description this way it is because east coast USA is constantly described as being heavily populated. In comparison these areas have the following number of people per square mile: New York City 23,700, Washington, DC 9,900, Richmond, VA 3,293, Lynchburg, VA 1,322, and Bedford County, VA.80. The City of Lynchburg has a moderate population density for Virginia cities – topography has something to do with this, and Appomattox County has the sparsest density in the area. Thirteen-thousand-seven-hundred and five inhabitants call this county home – equivalent to one-half square mile of New York City.


Land is what Appomattox County has. When you have low population density cultural amenities change. There are fewer restaurants, shopping centers, or hotels. Public transportation is non-existent. You will have less development of public utilities. People who live in this environment choose land over other amenities. Land is their five-star restaurant and Museum of Natural History.


Appomattox County has changed our nation in two significant ways. Joel Sweeney developed the five string banjo and American music has never been the same. The Appomattox Bluegrass Festival has brought Roy Clark, Ralph Stanley, Doc Watson, and others for its festivals. These legends come here to play and pay homage to the creativity of Joel. In a remote area on US 24, just outside the Town of Appomattox, is the 1,744-acre Appomattox County National Historical Park. Here on April 9, 1865 General Robert E. Lee surrendered to General Ulysses S. Grant to end the American Civil War. 



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